Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 2 - Set Booster Box

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Are you ready to take your decks to the next level? Then Modern Horizons 2 is the perfect product for you! This set is packed with mighty cards that can be played directly in Modern. Old favorites will make their debut in Modern - many for the first time in Modern, but you will also find long-awaited reprints.

In addition, Modern Horizons 2 also includes powerful new additions to Commander and other Eternal formats. Also in these boosters you will find beautiful new versions of cards - the nostalgic, classic look and the sketch cards that give you a glimpse into the artistic process of your favorite artist. How do you get the most out of this set full of possibilities?

A set booster is a brand new product for anyone who enjoys ripping open boosters. With every card from this booster you have a chance to find something special. A set booster contains at least 1 rare or mythic rare and can contain up to 5 rares or mythic rares.


  • 30 sets of boosters.
  • Each set booster contains:
    • 1 Rare or mythic rare.
    • 1 New-in-modern reprint card.
    • 1 Wildcard, can be any rarity.
    • 1 Showcase sketch of classic border common or uncommon.
    • 6 Thematically linked commons and uncommons.
    • 1 Foil card, can be any rarity.
    • 1 Basic land.
    • 1 Art card from Modern Horizons 2.
    • 1 Token, advertising card, or a card from 'The List'.

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Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 2 - Set Booster Box
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