Totally Lost in Translation // Totally Lost in Translation (cont'd) MMH2 #5 Foil

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Side 1

Name: Totally Lost in Translation

Mana Cost:

Type: Card

Oracle Text:

2-6 players | 3 packs | 15 minutes | d20


Work together to score as many points as possible by deciphering your teammates' clues and correctly guessing the mystery card.


Open three boosters and remove any cards without _Magic_ card backs. Shuffle the remaining cards into a face down deck. Randomly determine who goes first—that player is the *Interpreter*.


The interpreter draws a *mystery card* from the top of the deck, rolls a d20, and then gives a clue determined by the result of their roll (see opposite side of card). The Interpreter then draws five more cards from the deck, shuffles them together with the mystery card, and then reveals them. The other players collectively guess which of the six cards is the mystery card. If they guess correctly, all players score 1 point as a team. After guessing, the round ends and the Interpreter puts the used cards in a discard pile. If the deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile to create a new deck.

The Interpreter role then passes to the next player. The game ends after six rounds.

Side 2

Name: Totally Lost in Translation (cont'd)

Mana Cost:

Type: Card

Oracle Text:


After the end of the sixth round, count up your points and get your team ranking! 4+ is a winning score!

0-1 points: Common, 2-3 points: Uncommon, 4-5 points: Rare, 6 points: Mythic. 4+ is a winning score!


1. Name a mood.

2. Name a type of plant.

3. Name a movie or TV show.

4. Name a game.

5. Name a household item.

6. Name a food.

7. Name a beverage.

8. Name a geographic location.

9. Name a celebrity or historical figure.

10. Name a landmark.

11. Hum or sing part of a song.

12. Make a sound effect.

13. Show a photo saved on your phone.

14. Show an emoji on your phone.

15. Make a gesture with one hand.

16. Draw a shape in the air.

17. Perform a puppet show.

18. Act out a scene without talking.

19. Make a facial expression.

20. Draw a picture with your eyes closed.

When doing a naming clue, don't name a word in the card name.

Collector Number: 5

Set Code: MMH2

Set Name: Modern Horizons 2 Minigames

Rarity: Common

Finish: Foil

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