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Side 1

Name: Base Race

Mana Cost:

Type: Card

Oracle Text:

2 players | 3 packs | 10 minutes


Competition among treasure hunters on Zendikar is fierce. Find your opponent's base camp before they find yours!


Open three packs, give one basic land to each player, then remove any remaining land cards and any cards without Magic card backs. Shuffle the remaining cards together and deal 11 cards to each player.

Each player then looks at their cards and arranges them face down in a 4x3 grid opposite their opponent. The completed play area should be 4x6 with no extra spaces. The first player to finish their grid goes first.


On their turn, each player moves one of their cards one space either vertically or horizontally—not diagonally, and not onto a space occupied by another card they own.

You can use your turn to move a card safely onto an

Side 2

Name: Base Race (cont'd)

Mana Cost:

Type: Card

Oracle Text:

empty space. Moving a card onto a space occupied by an opponent's card starts a battle! Reveal both cards and do the following for each card type:

If both revealed cards are Creatures/Artifact Creatures, the card with the higher toughness wins and remains face up; the loser is discarded. If they tie, the attacker wins.

Legendary Creatures/Planeswalkers always win against nonlegendary creatures. When they battle each other, the higher toughness or loyalty wins. If they tie, the attacker wins.

If either of the revealed cards is an Instant/Sorcery/Enchantment, discard both revealed cards. (Other effects still happen.)

If one of the revealed cards is an Artifact, the player who owns it discards it and takes an extra turn. If both revealed cards are Artifacts, only the attacker gets the extra turn.


When a Land is revealed in battle, its owner loses the game. When one Land attacks another, the attacking land wins the game.

Collector Number: 1

Set Code: MKHM

Set Name: Kaldheim Minigames

Rarity: Common

Finish: Foil

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