Magic and Minions // Magic and Minions (cont'd) MAFR #3 Foil

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Side 1

Name: Magic and Minions

Mana Cost:

Type: Card

Oracle Text:

4 players | 2 packs | 45 minutes | d6


Use the cards in a booster to inspire your own one-shot adventure!


Pick one player to be the *Dungeon Master* (DM). The DM opens a booster and selects a hand of 6 non-land _Magic_ cards to inspire the adventure. They then open a second booster and deal 4 non-land _Magic_ cards to each of the three other players. These cards represent *actions*. Discard all remaining cards.

*Actions:* Card color represents the *type* of action, and mana value represents its *power*.

• White = Charisma (coercion, leadership, etc.)

• Blue = Intelligence (investigation, knowledge, arcane lore, etc.)

• Black = Strength (melee attacks, climbing, moving large objects, etc.)

• Red = Dexterity (ranged attacks, dodging, sleight of hand, etc.)

• Green = Wisdom (common sense, intuition, empathy, etc.)

• Colorless = Constitution (running, swimming, resisting disease, etc.)

Side 2

Name: Magic and Minions (cont'd)

Mana Cost:


Oracle Text:


First, each player describes their character based on the most powerful action or actions they have, including a name and backstory. The DM secretly picks a card from their hand to represent the first encounter, using the name and art of the card as inspiration for storytelling. They note the *Difficulty Class* (DC) for the encounter, which is *6 plus the mana value of the card.*

Players use their actions to try to overcome the encounter. One player reveals a card and describes what their character does, using the color, name, and art of the card as inspiration. Then they roll a six-sided die and add the result to the mana value of their chosen action.

If the total is greater than or equal to the DC, the players overcome the encounter, and the DM describes their success! If the total is lower than the DC, the DM describes their failure, and other players may use additional actions, adding their mana value and dice roll to the total until they overcome the encounter.

After the players overcome the encounter, the DM reveals the encounter card and sets up the next encounter using another card from their hand.


If the players can overcome all six encounters without running out of actions, they win!

Collector Number: 3

Set Code: MAFR

Set Name: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Minigames

Rarity: Common

Finish: Foil

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