Tabletop Gaming Will Never Die

Tabletop Gaming Will Never Die

Sep 20th 2018

With the meteoric rise of video games’ popularity over the years, many have begun to ask the question; does tabletop gaming have one foot in the grave? Not only console games but apps on phones and tablets have kids’ noses glued to screens what seems like every minute of every day. Families hardly have conversations over the dinner table anymore because even grandma is in the middle of crushing candy or whatever the new craze may be. So, what does this mean to strategy games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and the countless other beloved tabletop games? Our short answer—nothing.

At The Dragon’s Lair, your trusted game store in Wallingford, CT, we’ve dedicated multiple aspects and who knows how much time obsessing over these games, and we know we’re not even close to being the only ones. So, why are we so confident that our beloved games will never die? This blog will provide a few reasons, although there are millions upon millions of players out there who have their own reasons as well. Contact us today if you’d like more information about our store, and drop by or check our online store to find whatever games or gaming accessories you’re looking for!


One of the many reasons that tabletop games won’t disintegrate into dust like some characters in a recent blockbuster hit (not giving any spoilers, but you should know what we’re talking about by now), is that strategy games always have been and always will be a favorite of gamers. Sure, video games involve strategy too, but there’s nothing quite like using your wits to figure out how to rule an empire while sitting around a table with your friends, deck of cards in hand.


Speaking of friends, these tabletop games form a bond that can never be broken. There are still countless groups of friends that were formed in the 70’s playing the classic D&D in their parent’s basement. Working together, or against each other, using creativity and the role of the dice or a flip of a card builds a much better friendship than yelling profanities via headset to someone halfway across the world.


Even though tabletop games are referred to as “old school” by some, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t riding the technological wave as well. Just look at the recent Pokémon Go craze or Lightseekers! These games are beginning to offer ways to play online. And if Skynet ever takes control, or the internet goes down globally, you’ll still be able to play with your friends under the flickering light of a candle.

The Dragon’s Lair

You see! There is no need to worry about your favorite form of gaming dying out! We will always have tabletop strategy games, even during the apocalypse! So, come on by The Dragon’s Lair today or shop our online store for your Magic: The Gathering decks and singles, Pokémon decks and collectibles, board games, role playing games, accessories, and more!