About Us

Remembering Childhood Nostalgia

The Dragon's Lair is a tabletop gaming store established in 2015. The store was created in remembrance of The Dragon's Lair that used to preside in West Hartford, Connecticut. If you were to ask the store owner, Steve, why he named his store after the old Dragon's Lair he would be likely to say:

"When I was younger I used to go play Magic the Gathering at The Dragon's Lair (in West Hartford, CT) on weekends. I remember walking into the shop and seeing stacked high above my head many products and games. Then, turning the corner, I remember seeing the front desk with Dave, the store manager. Behind him, I would see a wall slotted up to the ceiling with booster boxes of various card games. To his left, I'd see rows of tables with players playing tabletop, card, miniatures and board games. It was such a fun experience for a kid to have. Now that I have my own store I am trying to recreate that magic for the next generation. I hope that one day, they too, will have a story about their experiences here at The Dragon's Lair."