• Citadel Shade Paint Set

    Citadel Shade Paint Set

    Citadel Shades are specially formulated to flow over other paints and into the recesses on your miniatures, defining details and accentuating recesses. Once applied, they dry to provide very effective shading for your models.  Contents: 1 Nuln...

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  • Munitorium Varnish

    Munitorium Varnish

    Applying an overall protective coating of acrylic or polyurethane varnish serves two functions. The most obvious is to enable the models to be handled without excessively wearing or chipping the paint. The other reason is to give the model an overall...

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  • Warhammer 40K: Citadel Essentials Warhammer 40K: Citadel Essentials

    Warhammer 40K: Citadel Essentials

    The perfect introduction to the hobby of collecting, building and painting Citadel miniatures, this set gives the beginner everything needed to put together and paint your Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Set! Contents: 1 Plastic Glue (5g) 1 Set of...

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  • Ultramarine Paint Set

    Ultramarine Paint Set

    Containing the essential paints needed to paint Ultramarines miniatures, this is the perfect set to with which to start painting up that army for the battlefield. Perfect for the the Easy To Build range of miniatures, it includes 6 3ml pots of...

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  • Intercessors + Paint

    Intercessors + Paint

    The perfect way to start a collection of Primaris Ultramarines, this is a box containing 3 plastic Easy To Build Primaris Intercessors, the paints you need to paint them and a brush to get you started.The miniatures – 2 Primaris Intercessors and a...

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  • Ardcoat


    Ardcoat is a gloss varnish that has several uses. For example, a thin layer of 'Ardcoat looks great over gemstones and lenses, giving them a shiny, reflective appearance. It is part of our Technical paint range designed specifically for creating unique...

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