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A Game of Thrones LCG: 2nd Edition Intro Deck - House Lannister

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MSRP: $14.95
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This pre-constructed deck introduces you to the mechanics and key characters of House Lannister to provide a stable foundation and highlight the faction`s unique features. The perfect entry point for players new to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, the House Lannister Intro Deck contains sixty-nine cards that offer every card you need to begin your battles right away, whether you are squaring off against other intro decks or custom decks built by other players.By storing surplus economy and ambushing your opponent, your enemies are sure to hear you roar.

Quick Reference:

  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • For Ages: 14+
  • Playing Time: 60-120 Minutes


  •  Character (36)
    • 2x Black Ears
    • 3x Burned Men
    • 3x Cersei Lannister (LoCR)
    • 2x Cersei's Attendant
    • 1x Gold Cloaks
    • 1x Grand Maester Pycelle
    • 2x Joffrey Baratheon (Core)
    • 3x Lannisport Guard
    • 3x Lannisport Merchant
    • 1x Littlefinger
    • 1x Myrcella Baratheon (SoD)
    • 1x Polliver
    • 1x Qyburn
    • 1x Raff the Sweetling
    • 2x Ser Gregor's Marauders
    • 2x Ser Jaime Lannister (Core)
    • 1x The Hound (HoT)
    • 1x The Tickler
    • 1x Tommen Baratheon
    • 2x Tyrion Lannister (Core)
    • 2x Tywin Lannister (LoCR)
  • Plot (7)
    • 1x A Game of Thrones
    • 1x A Noble Cause
    • 1x Gossip and Lies
    • 1x Late Summer Feast
    • 1x Summons
    • 1x Unexpected Delay
    • 1x Wildfire Assault
  • Attachment (4)
    • 2x Bodyguard
    • 1x Valyrian Steel Dagger
    • 1x Widow's Wail
  • Location (13)
    • 2x Casterly Rock
    • 1x Gates of the Moon
    • 1x Golden Tooth
    • 2x Lannisport
    • 2x The Goldroad
    • 2x The Roseroad
    • 3x Western Fiefdom
  • Event (7)
    • 1x A Lannister Always Pays His Debts
    • 2x Hear Me Roar!
    • 2x Tears of Lys
    • 2x The Things I Do For Love


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