Necromunda: The Book of Peril

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Necromunda: The Book of Peril explores the perilous wastes between the more established zones of the underhive. While gangs might fight for the fate of settlements, or become masters of prosperous homesteads and scrapyards, sometimes their constant turf wars take them into the desolate Badzones.


  • The Great Web of Necromunda: Read up on the background of the guilds
  • Venator gangs: Assemble a motley array of hired guns for your games
  • Alliances: Team up with a guild for greater rewards...but at equally great risk
  • Badzones Trading Post: Discover new weapons and wargear
  • Badzones Battlefields: Play across new areas of the underhive
  • Badzones Terrain: Add Sector Mechanicus, Sector Imperialis and Death World scenery to your games
  • Badzones Scenarios: Experience five new ways to play in the Badzones
  • Hired Guns: Add Kal Jericho, Scabs, Freikstorn Strix, Arbelesta Raen Catallus, Aramista Dae Catallus, Mortanna Shroud, Apollus Kage, Thaetos 23-2, Rex Spires and Vorgen "Gunner" Mortz to your gangs

A copy of the Necromunda core rulebook and Gangs of the Underhive are required to use the contents of this book.

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