Modeling Supplies

  • Citadel Shade Paint Set

    Citadel Shade Paint Set

    Citadel Shades are specially formulated to flow over other paints and into the recesses on your miniatures, defining details and accentuating recesses. Once applied, they dry to provide very effective shading for your models.  Contents: 1 Nuln...

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  • Dark Angels Primaris Upgrades Dark Angels Primaris Upgrades

    Dark Angels Primaris Upgrades

    This pack of plastic components can be used to upgrade a variety of Primaris Space Marines with iconography and details specific to the Dark Angels. 21 components in total are included: - 5 Dark Angel Mk X power armour shoulder pads, which are used...

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  • Water Pot

    Water Pot

    Designed as a water pot to wash your brushes in, the Citadel water pot features a lid which holds up to 6 brushes of various sizes, allowing them to rest in the water without flattening and bending their bristles on the bottom of the pot.

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  • Citadel Painting Handle Citadel Painting Handle

    Citadel Painting Handle

    Making it much, much easier to hold your miniatures securely while painting them, allowing you to find the perfect angle with which to access the fiddly bits while avoiding the inevitable hand cramps that come when holding a base for a long time, the...

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  • Munitorium Varnish

    Munitorium Varnish

    Applying an overall protective coating of acrylic or polyurethane varnish serves two functions. The most obvious is to enable the models to be handled without excessively wearing or chipping the paint. The other reason is to give the model an overall...

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  • Citadel Skulls Citadel Skulls

    Citadel Skulls

    You may have noticed a common theme amongst models and scenery pieces from the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar ranges – skulls. They’re everywhere, decorating the walls of Khornate keeps and hanging from the belts of fearsome...

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