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  • Citadel: Water Pot

    Citadel: Water Pot

    More than just a container holding water, the Citadel Water Pot has been designed by painters, for painters. Constructed from durable grey plastic, the base and inner side walls of the water pot have ribbed sections, whose textures have been chosen to...

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  • Citadel: Assembly Handle

    Citadel: Assembly Handle

    The perfect tool to use when assembling some of our more complex miniatures, the Citadel Assembly Handle is designed to hold components securely in place while glue takes hold. Sometimes, a tiny component can require holding in place for...

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  • Necromunda: Cawdor Gang Dice Set

    Necromunda: Cawdor Gang Dice Set

    Designed to match the Cawdor Gang, this set of 8 16mm dice are colored copper with teal swirls, and feature white numbers and icons. The set includes all the dice you need to play Necromunda.   Contents: 3 D6 with the Cawdor House's...

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  • Warhammer 40K: Necrons - Cryptek

    Warhammer 40K: Necrons - Cryptek

    Crypteks are a core element of Necron armies, harnessing ancient technologies to support their comrades and incinerating enemies in searing beams of light. They are masters of dimensional dissonance, singularity manipulation, atomic transmutation,...

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  • Necromunda: Rulebook

    Necromunda: Rulebook

    This Rulebook is your complete guide to gang warfare in the 41st Millennium. Packed with rules, lore, art and content previously only available through Gang War supplements, this book is a must-have for every player, providing an invaluable resource for...

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  • Necromunda: Gangs of the Underhive

    Necromunda: Gangs of the Underhive

    Gangs of the Underhive is your complete guide to the House Gangs of Necromunda. Inside, you'll find everything you need to found a killer gang of your own, whether you're building a crack squad of Delaque infiltrators or a brutal pack of Goliath killers...

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  • Necromunda: Delaque Gang

    Necromunda: Delaque Gang

    Conquer the underhive with stealth, subterfuge and sabotage with the new plastic Delaque gang! While other Clan Houses proudly proclaim their strengths, proclaiming their dominance to all who will listen, Delaque silently waits and watches, leaving...

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  •  Necromunda: Delaque Gang Cards

    Necromunda: Delaque Gang Cards

    A set of 26 cards that add extra in-game tactics for Delaque gangs. Also includes tactics that any gang can use and blank cards to record the statistics of each member of your own gang. Contents: 20 Tactics cards 6 specially stamped Fighter...

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