• Abaddon Black Abaddon Black

    Abaddon Black

    Citadel Base paints are high quality acrylic paints specially formulated for basecoating your Citadel miniatures quickly and easily. They are designed to give a smooth matte finish over black or white undercoats with a single layer.All of our paints are...

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  • Adeptus Astartes Dice

    Adeptus Astartes Dice

    The perfect set of dice for your games of Warhammer 40,000, this set of 20 dice is split into 4 colours, each with a symbol representing a different specialist role within a Space Marines army. Included:5 x Black dice with Chaplain icon on the 6.5 x Red...

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  • Adeptus Custodes Dice

    Adeptus Custodes Dice

    This is a set of 20 6-sided 16mm dice in gold and black, perfectly representing the Adeptus Custodes. Designed with square edges, with the pips perfectly flush with the surfaces and a stylised border on each face, each features a skull in place of the 1...

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  • Adventure Grid

    Adventure Grid

    A tactical accessory for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. This sturdy double-sided, grid-lined play surface is ideal for when your Dungeons & Dragons campaign gets tactical. One side features a stone floor good for dungeon and city...

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  • Adventure Time Story Cubes

    Adventure Time Story Cubes

    Dive straight into your favorite Adventure Time episodes or add your own twist to a much-loved Finn and Jake story. Rory's Story Cubes: Adventure Time now gives you the power to create and extend your own Adventure Time stories that leap off the screen!...

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