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Board games are a great way to bond with your kids and bring the whole family together. That’s why The Dragon’s Lair carries tons of board games that are appropriate for kids, but fun for people of all ages. Browse the full collection, and place an order with The Dragon’s Lair, your source for board games for kids as well as MTG singles, Star Wars Legion, role-playing games, LCGs, and gaming accessories.


  • Go Nuts for Donuts

    Go Nuts for Donuts

    Go Nuts for Donuts is a fast-paced card game for the whole family with just a sprinkle of strategy. Outsmart your opponents and collect donuts hot out of the oven for points. But beware, if two players go after the same donut, then no one gets it! Time...

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  • Munchkin: Original

    Munchkin: Original

    This award-winning card game, designed by Steve Jackson, captures the essence of the dungeon experience... with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. And what magic items! Don the...

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  • Nut So Fast

    Nut So Fast

    You gotta be lightning-fast, in this wildly nutty party game! Flip two cards and watch for exactly four matching nut pictures. If you see a set of four, grab the nut token with the same face, right out from under other player’s noses!  But...

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  • Spot It! (Boxed Edition)

    Spot It! (Boxed Edition)

    Test your observational skills and hone your reflexes with the award-winning game play of Spot It!, a game of lightning-fast choices for a group of two to eight players. The game functions on a simple mechanic, fifty-five circular cards, each of which...

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  • Mille Bornes: The Classic Racing Game

    Mille Bornes: The Classic Racing Game

    Rev the engine, eagerly waiting for the green light to send you hurtling across the countryside. Keep the tank full, find your way around the speed limit, and avoid accidents that will slow you down. Keep the pressure on full, and be the first to make it...

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  • Photosynthesis

    Plant and shape the ever-changing forest as you cultivate your seeds and your strategy. Take your trees through their life-cycle, from seedling to full bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from the revolving sun’s rays...

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  • Century: Golem Edition

    Discover the enchanting beauty of the golem trade road and its mesmerizing crystals ! Wrap your mind around simple and pure game mechanics combined with a touch of hand-building system that lead to endless strategies and decisions. Century: Golem Edition...

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  • Clank! The Mummy's Curse (Expansion)

    Untold riches await you inside the pyramids of the Ancients – but they are well protected. An undying Mummy guardian spreads a vile curse to those who would rob its tomb. And, inevitably, the treasure has attracted a dragon. Can you escape the...

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  • Santorini

    Santorini is a strategy-based board game that’s exhilarating and intellectually challenging! Play together and make family game night even more fun! Race to build your way to the top of a stack of blocks! Use builder pieces and move one space...

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  • The Grimm Forest

    The Grimm Forest

    Welcome to The Grimm Forest, where family members of the legendary Three Little Pigs are having an epic house-building competition. But, this is no ordinary competition as the most famous Fairy Tale characters will be looking on (and occasionally lending...

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  • Fluxx: Regular Show

    Fluxx: Regular Show

    Looney Labs teams up with Mordecai, Rigby, and the whole gang of Cartoon Network's Regular Show to create the most irregular version of Fluxx yet! Do your friends a solid and distract the Destroyer of Worlds to save The Park - but don't let Benson catch...

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  • Fluxx: Adventure Time

    Fluxx: Adventure Time

    With Adventure Time Fluxx, you get to join Jake the Dog and Finn the Human for some ever-changing fun. Draw a card, Play a card, and change the Rules. Get Mathematical against Candy Zombies, visit the City of Thieves to steal from your...

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